Nor Hazlin Nor Salam, a freelance film director with a well-rounded academic and industry exposure, has experience in a diverse range of film projects. To date, Hazlin has worked on various genres such as surreal, fantasy, drama and factual films as well as documentaries.

Hazlin was awarded as best student in 2004 when she obtained an affiliated degree from Curtin University Australia with a BA in Mass Communications, majoring in Film and Television. Hazlin also earned a high distinction in the documentary theory subject and she went on to first become a lecturer teaching film, documentary and art theory, whilst gaining practical experience as a videographer and film editor.

In 2010, Hazlin began committing to a full-time career in the Malaysian film industry as acting coach and assistant director. She co-directed her first prime time drama series in 2011 and was soon offered a scholarship in 2013 by the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) to pursue a Masters Degree in Film Directing from Bournemouth University in the UK.

Hazlin’s short films have also been selected for international screenings. Her first feminist experimental short film, ‘Vigilante’, was selected for international screening at the 2013 Meconium Film Festival in Barcelona. The following year saw Hazlin’s surrealistic war themed short film, ‘Muscle Memory’, selected for screening at the Imperial War Museum’s Short Film Festival in London. ‘Muscle Memory’ was also nominated in the Best Creative Response category for the same film festival. Additionally, in June 2015 ‘White Lining’ A short documentary about a road marker, was selected for two film festival screenings in Scotland, the Xponorth Creative and Arts Festivals in Inverness and DeepFried Film Festival in Lanarkshire.

Hazlin is immensely passionate about filmmaking and intends to pursue the international arena as a freelance film director.

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